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VDA 6.3 - Qualification as Process Auditor incl. Exam

Process audits enable the description of the quality capability of products and processes and show their quality level. Their aim is to describe complex processes and issues and protect them against failures. They help to minimize risks and improve outcomes. The demand to understand complex issues and to ensure their functionality sets increasingly standards to process auditors. In consideration of the process-orientated approach and accordingly customer-specific demands we teach in this training the basics for process auditors according VDA 6.3. The introduction to the basics of auditing processes includes general requirements, methods, principles, rating schemes and risk analysis. Also the underlying questionnaire will be completely explained by the associated process elements, so that you can identify risks along the supply chain and find according potentials by the process audit. These training steps guide you through the basic demands of the process audit and enable you to implement the process audit holistically in the automotive industry. In addition to gain relevant findings for correction, stabilization and optimization of the processes it’s an aim of the training to ensure a reliable evaluation.


Target group

All employees who work in process audits in their own company or at their suppliers.


Additional information

Required is knowledge of the common quality tools and -methods as well as applicable management system demands and customer-specific requirements, product- and process-specific knowledge in the intended field, relevant work experience depending on field of application in accordance with VDA 6.3., a qualification as a auditor according to DIN EN ISO 19011: 2017 (only for supplier auditors and auditors as external distributors or participants which will pass an exam to “certified process auditor”).


Training content

  • Connection to other demands
  • Overview about the three different kinds of audits and explanation of the differences
  • Overview about the contents of the individual chapters of VDA 6.3
  • Introduction into the process-orientated approach for the risk analysis based on the Turtle-Model
  • Audit process from audit programm till audit finalization
  • Planning and implementation of the process audit
  • Assessment scheme of the process audit
  • Code of conduct for process auditors
  • Content of process element 2 – project management
  • Content of process element 3 – planning of product and process development
  • Content of process element 4 – realization of product and process development
  • Content of process element 5 – supplier management
  • Content of process element 6 – process analysis production
  • Content of process element 7 – customer care
  • Allocation and evaluation of audit findings
  • Audit report, documentation and conclusion
  • Content of process element 1 – potential analysis
  • Introduction in the current SI´s and FAQ´s.



After passing the exam you will receive a VDA qualification certificate. Please consider the participation requirements of the VDA. For any questions we are available.



5 days inclusive examination (examination on the 5th day).


Exam on the 5th day:

Target group

Process auditors according to VDA 6.3 in the product life cycle.


Participation requirements

  • An admission to the examination day is only possible after a successful application review
  • Successful participation at the training “Qualification to Process Auditor or
  • Successful participation at the training “VDA 6.3 – Upgrade-Training: from VDA 6.3 (2010) to VDA 6.3 (2016)” if before the qualification according to VDA 6.3 (2010) took place (at least 3 days, not older than 3 years)
  • Verification about a qualification for auditors according to DIN EN ISO 19011:2017 (for example VDA-Auditor)
  • At least 5 years experience in the automotive industry and at least 2 years experience in quality management from it.



After passing the written and oral examination you will receive a VDA-Certificate with a registered number as well as an auditor card and the corresponding registration in the database of the VDA QMC.


Duration of examination

1 day



on request.



Contact person

Contact person

Jeannette Petersdorff

+49 159 0457 1310 j.petersdorff@supportq.de